There is an error code showing on the Genius Radiator Valve

The Genius Radiator Valve normally displays the set temperature under normal operation. However as there is a screen, we choose to display device problems on the screen of the device.

If you see a code on the valve that is not a temperature then there may be a problem.

The error codes

The error codes are as follows:

  • E1 - Front temperature sensor has a problem
  • E2 - Back temperature sensor has a problem
  • E3 - Motor has a problem
  • E5 - Communication error

E1-E3 errors

  1. Remove and replace the batteries in the Genius Radiator Valve as described in this article.
  2. When the Genius Radiator Valve has restarted, if the error has persisted the device has developed a fault and needs to be replaced. Contact Genius Hub if your device is under warranty.

E5 error

The Genius Radiator Valve shows the 'E5' 'communication error' if it tries to communicate with the Genius Hub a number of times and fails.

The Genius Radiator Valve will naturally come out of 'E5' when the communication with the Genius Hub is re-established, through the only tries to communicate with the Genius Hub about every 30 minutes when in 'E5' so this may take a number of hours.

To remove the 'E5' error from the valve immediately, so you can change the temperature on the valve, you have to remove one of the batteries for 30 seconds and put it back in again. This communication problem may have been caused if a Genius Smart Plug near the valve has become unplugged or the Genius Hub has been turned off. 

If the problem persists see the article: How to - Genius Position the Genius Smart Plugs.