What is a plinth heater

A plinth or kickspace heater is a type of fan-assisted radiator which is most commonly fitted underneath cupboards in kitchens, where free wall space is often at a premium. It works by having hot water flow through the radiator part whenever the boiler is running, and then when heat is required an electric fan blows the heat from under the cupboard.

3 Ways of controlling a plinth heater

  1. You could install a Wireless Radiator Valve in line with the heating circuit that feeds the plinth heater, but this will need to be exposed to the air so that the valve itself can measure the temperature, which is often not possible.
  2. A better option would be to install a Single Channel Receiver, and then have this control a zone valve that would need to be plumbed into the circuit that feeds the plinth heater. This option would also need a Wireless Room Sensor or Room Thermostat to measure the temperature in the room.
  3. The third and cheapest solution would just be to wire in an Electric Switch or Electric Relay to the power feed for the plinth heater, and this could be used to power the fan, then you leave the heat running through the unit all of the time (as it is plumbed in without a valve) and the Genius Hub system just controls when to power the fan. This option would also require a Wireless Room Sensor or Room Thermostat  to measure the temperature of the room. Some people do this as it is the cheapest option but it depends on how much heat comes out of the unit when the fan is not running.