When to factory reset a Genius Radiator Valve

You may need to reset a Genius Radiator Valve if you are swapping which Genius Hub the Genius Radiator Valve is included onto, or if the Genius Radiator Valve will not re-include onto the system.

How to factory reset the Genius Radiator Valve

To factory reset a Genius Radiator Valve:

  • Remove the battery cover and one battery.

  • Press and hold down the middle ('o') button.

  • Re-insert the battery whilst still holding the middle button.

  • The valve will perform a screen test and show all the icons.

  • Keep the button pressed until the screen goes blank.

  • Release the middle button. 
  • If successful the valve will go into mount mode and 'M' will flash on the screen.

How to add the Genius Radiator Valve to a Genius Hub

The Genius Radiator Valve is now in a factory reset to default state, to add it back onto the system again go to the 'Doctor' on the app which is under the 'Main Menu'.

For more information see this article.