Radiator is taking too long to warm up or the radiator is too small for the room

When a room is displayed in the app with an orange background, the system is attempting to warm the room.

Each Genius Radiator Valve within that room should have received the 'set point' (i.e. target temperature) within 10 minutes of it being changed on the app. You can tell if it has by pressing any of the buttons - the screen will light up and display the current set point.

How to change the Genius Radiator Valve's responsiveness

If the valve receives its setpoint, but the radiator does not begin to get warm for a long time, you can change the following setting to make the valve think that it is installed onto a radiator that is too small for the room, so therefore it needs to open faster to heat the room. Once the room is up to temperature then it controls to the temperature, but there is a chance that the room may overshoot the target temperature if the radiator is in fact too large for the room.

  • Hold down the middle /°\ button until the screen illuminates and 'M' is displayed

  • Press the left (down arrow) button, twice, so that 'Pb' is displayed

  • Press the middle button. A value will be displayed, one of: P1 / P2 / P3

  • Press the right (up arrow) button until P3 is displayed.

  • Press the middle button to select P3.

What do the different settings mean:

  • P1: For when the radiator is too large for the room or is overshooting the set temperature
  • P2: default setting
  • P3: For when the radiator is too small for the room or the room is taking too long to heat up