• The batteries are flat in the Genius Radiator Valve and the valve will have stopped working altogether.

    Remove the battery cover. Do this by pushing in the tab on the back of the device, and pulling the cover up. It may be helpful to push down on the top of the valve at the same time. The battery cover will slide up off the body of the valve.

  • Remove the 2 x AA batteries, (note the orientation of the batteries, one is up and one is down).

    Wait 30 seconds before putting in the new batteries.

    Rechargeable batteries should not be used as their voltage is too low (1.2v not 1.5v).

  • Put in the 2 new AA batteries, take note of the orientation shown on the screen.

  • Select the Genius Radiator Valve with the flat battery

    The old number for the Genius Radiator Valve may be on the back of the device.

  • Your system can take up to 10 minutes to update with your devices values and for any errors to clear.

  • The Genius Hub will check the battery level to ensure that the new battery level has been reported by the device.

  • Replace the battery cover - align the clear plastic section of the battery cover with the screen on the valve, then push the battery cover down until it clicks into place.