The following explains how to re-add an existing Room Sensor to a Genius Hub which depletes batteries quickly.

  • We have found that if some Room Sensors are not configured correctly when they are first included onto the system, they report the battery level every minute rather than every few hours, and this causes the battery to run down much faster than it should do. Normally we expect to get 2 years from the battery in a Room Sensor under normal operating conditions.

    We suggest that you try to reconnect the Room Sensor to the system so that it can be reconfigured. This requires factory resetting it and then adding it back onto the system again as if it is a new device.

    How to - Factory Reset a Room Sensor

  • Make sure that the Room Sensor is within 2 meters (line of sight) of the Genius Hub (the part that is connected to your Internet router).

    If the devices are not close enough together, then use the following steps:

    1. Carefully remove the Room Sensor from the wall and take it to the Genius Hub.

    2. Move the Genius Hub closer to the Room Sensor. The Genius Hub must have power and an Internet connection. This can be done by:

    a) Using a long Ethernet cable

    b) Plugging the Hub into a different Ethernet switch

    c) Using a Power Line Ethernet adaptor or WiFi booster which has an Ethernet port (see this link for how to connect the hub with a power-line Ethernet adaptor)

  • Remove the front cover of the Genius Room Sensor by placing a tool (such as a flat-bladed screwdriver) into the top of the sensor until you hear a click. This will release the catch.

    Pull the white (front) of the room sensor away from the clear (back) and allow the cover to swing down (be careful not to pull the sensor off the wall).

    The front is hinged at the bottom.

    Ensure there is a working battery in the Room Sensor and it is correctly oriented.

  • Now the Genius Hub needs to get ready to add the device.

    On the app tap on Menu, then Settings and then Devices. Now tap on 'Include device' and follow the prompts on the app.

  • Press the little black button 3 times within 1.5 seconds.

    The red light will flash every second for 30 seconds or until added to the system.

    The flashing red light pulses slowly and then stop when the device has included successfully.

    To return the cover click it in at the bottom of the device and allow it to hinge up until there is a click as the top locks the cover in place.

    On success, the Room Sensor has been assigned a number, write this number on the side of the device.

    The success or failure of the inclusion will be displayed on the app.

  • See the 'Create new zone' section under Chapter 14 of the Manual for guidance on how to create a new zone.

  • To ensure check the channel has been correctly assigned open the zone's page, tap "Zone Setup" under the menu and check the channel is listed under "Zone Devices".

  • Now the old Room Sensor needs to be removed from the list of devices as this no longer exists.

    See Chapter 11 of the Manual for information on removing the dead node.

    Do not unplug the Genius Hub for at least 30 minutes so the hub has time to save the new settings.