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Accessing your system

There are two ways of accessing your Genius Hub system, depending if you are using an Android/Apple device or a computer.

On an Android/Apple device

On a mobile device (such as a smart phone, iPad or tablet), you can download the Genius Hub app from the Apple App store or Android Play store.


The app is available on Android versions v4.3 and above, and iOS v9 and above.

On a web browser

On a computer, or a device not running Android/Apple you should access your system via our web app. This is found by going to our website and clicking on 'My Hub' at the top right of the screen, or by navigating to:

Logging onto your system for the first time

To log onto your system for the first time:

  1. Load the app from your mobile device, iPhone, iPad, tablet or go to the web app on a computer.
  2. On the Welcome page, in the username field, enter the 8 blue digits found on the underside of the Genius Hub. This is behind a removable back plate that is used to attach the Genus Hub to the wall. Slide the back plate down to remove it from the back of the Genius Hub. This is your temporary username and you can change it to something more memorable once you have logged in.
    1. Enter only the letters or numbers.
    2. This field is not case-sensitive.
  3. Leave the password field blank (when you choose your own username, you will also set the password you wish to use on your system).
  4. Tap 'Log In'.

Once you have registered your system

To log onto your system once you have chosen your own username and password:

  1. Load the app from your mobile device or go to the web app.
  2. On the Welcome page, enter the chosen username and password in their respective fields.
    1. These fields are case sensitive, so be careful when entering your login details.

Registering the system

To secure your system and to choose a memorable username and password, you need to register your system. To register the system:

  1. On the Welcome Page, click on 'Create Account'.
  2. On the new page, fill in the requested details:
    1. Enter the username you would like to use with the system and the password to secure your system. 
      1. These details can be different to the username and password you entered on our website to purchase the system.
      2. These fields are case sensitive, so be careful when entering your login details especially on a mobile device where it may auto-capitalise your typing.
      3. If you contact Genius, you may be asked for your username to identify your system, but will never be asked you for your password. Do not disclose this to anyone who you do not wish have control over your heating.

    1. Enter the contact details of the owner of the system.
      1. Genius will contact you on these details from time to time to inform you of the latest updates to the app and new features for you to enjoy.

    2. Select the location of your system. This is where the system is physically located, not the billing address or similar. This information is used to collect the weather data for your system.
    Alternatively, the system can be registered from the System tile in the app, once logged in using the temporary username.

Editing your registered information

You are welcome to change any of the information entered during the Registration process. To do this:

  1. Click on the menu at the top-right corner of the app.
  2. Click on the dropdown next to your username.
  3. Click on 'Update my details'.
  4. On the new page, you can select to change your username, password, contact details or Genius system location.

Logging out of your system

If you are using the app on a public device, or are lending your device to someone you do not want to have control over your heating, you should log out of your heating when you have finished using the app. To log out:

  1. Click on the menu at the top-right corner of the app.
  2. Click on the dropdown next to your username.
  3. Click 'Logout'. This will return you to the Welcome screen and clear your details.

What if you have forgotten your password

  1. Load the app from your mobile device or go to the web app.

  2. On the Welcome page, click on the 'Forgotten Password' button to send a password reset link to the contact email address chosen when the system was registered.

How to login to multiple Genius Hubs

For those customers who have multiple systems (either running the heating in one property or with multiple properties) you can easily swap between Genius Hubs without having to log out and type in the next set of login details. 

Setting up the Multiple Hub Login

To setup the Genius Hubs you want to navigate between:

  1. Login to the first Genius Hub
  2. Click on the Main Menu, followed by 'Settings'
  3. Choose 'System', then 'Multi Hub Login'
  4. The current system should appear as the first in the list
  5. To add a second system, click on the green add button
  6. Type in the username and password for the second system
  7. Click on the green 'Log in' button
  8. The app will attempt to log into the hub (to ensure it is online and that the username & password are valid). 
  9. If successful the app will inform you and you can then add another hub by going back to step 6, or close the dialog box by clicking on 'Done'.

Navigating between multiple Genius Hubs

Once you have added all of your systems you wish to quickly swap between:

  1. Go to the My House of the app
    • The 'My House' title has been replaced with the username of the system you are currently viewing
  2. Click on the arrows icon next to the system username
  3. A dialog box will appear listing your Genius Hubs
  4. Click on the username to swap between systems