• The Hot Water Time & Temperature addon is made up of two parts

    1. The Electric Switch (which is wired into the mains, communicates with the Genius Hub and can switch an immersion heater of less than 13A.

    2. The Tank Temperature Prove (which measures the temperature of the hot water tank

    The Electric Switch is reporting that the Temperature Probe has become disconnected.

  • To fix the connection of the Temperature Probe to the Electric Switch:

    Note: We recommend using a qualified electrician for all electric works.

    1. Turn off the power to the Electric Switch, this should be possible by turning off the switched fused spur near the Electric Switch.

    2. Check the power is off by pressing the button on the front of the Electric Switch. If the power is off, no red lights will appear on the device.

    3. Remove the cover from the Electric Switch.

    4. Undo the 2 screws which attach the Electric Switch to the pattress box.

    5. Wire the Temperature Probe back into its dedicated terminals near the bottom of the Electric Switch. Note: the Temperature Probe wires do not have a right way around. Each wire can be wired into either terminal.

    6. Re-fasten the Electric Switch, re-attach the cover (starting at the top) and power on the Hot Water Time & Temperature addon.

  • Now select the Electric Switch on the app. The ID of the Electric Switch may be printed on a sticker on the button of the Electric Switch.

    To configure the device:
    Go to the 'Menu' then 'Settings'
    Select 'Devices'

  • Now the Electric Switch needs to be re-configured to ensure it can report the temperature.

    Select the Electric Switch you want to adjust
    Click on the device sub-menu (3 dots)
    Select Configure and confirm this selection

  • To ensure that the new temperature gets through to the Genius Hub, we trigger the Electric Switch to communicate with the Genius Hub.

    First, ping the device:
    Select the Electric Switch in the room you want to adjust
    Click on the Device sub-menu (3 dots)
    Select Ping and confirm

    Ensure the Electric Switch is communicating with the Genius Hub by removing the front cover from the Electric Switch and pressing the button underneath the cover.

  • Now the temperature from the Probe can be checked.

    The Hub will check that the Electric Switch is reporting its Measured Temperature