• This type of zone can only use a measured temperature from a device assigned to it, it will not take the temperature from My House or the Weather data. To fix this problem, a valid measured temperature must be assigned.

    The 2 most common reasons why a valid measured temperature isn't being provided are:

    1. The temperature measuring device in the zone has developed a fault, such as low batteries or cannot communicate with the Genius Hub.
    Go back to the home screen of the app and look for other errors related to this zone, such as a device in this zone having one of the above faults.

    2. A suitable device (such as a Room Sensor or Thermostat) has not been assigned.
    To fix this, click on the zone, on the sub-menu beneath the Mode selector, choose 'Zone Setup'.
    At the bottom of the screen choose 'Assign Device' and select the correct device from the list.