This article gives procedures required to put the Single Channel Receiver into Manual only control in order to give you the ability to manually control on/off state of the Single Channel Receiver in the case the device becomes disconnected from the Genius Hub.

The Single Channel Recevier shows a soild red light next to OFF and flashing red light next to >II<

Step-by-step guide


  1. Power off the Single Channel Receiver
    1. The Single Channel Receiver is normally powered on the same power supply as the boiler and can be turn off by turning off the boiler
  2. Hold down both the ON and OFF buttons together
  3. With the buttons held down, power on the device

While the Single Channel Receiver is in Manual only control, use the ON and OFF buttons to control the relay state

To exit Manual only control, simply power cycle the device by:

  1. Power off the Single Channel Receiver
  2. Power on the Single Channel Receiver and this will need re-including onto the system


Using this procedure during normal operating will drastically decrease battery of devices and this is only recommended for VERY OCCASIONAL EMERGENCIES or advised by the Support team.



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