The following explains how to ensure that the Powered Room Thermostat can communicate with the Genius hub.

  • When an Powered Room Thermostat has no valid paths of communication back to the Genius Hub it can no longer accurately control the underfloor heating zone or electric heater to the schedule on the app. This can lead to the heating being on when should be off and vice-versa.

  • First locate the Powered Room Thermostat which is not communicating with the Genius Hub.The number of the Powered Room Thermostat may be located on the right hand side of the device.

  • First the Genius Hub needs to attempt to communicate with the Powered Room Thermostat once more.

    First, ping the device:
    Select the Powered Room Thermostat you want to check
    Click on the Device sub-menu (3 dots)
    Select Ping and confirm

    Ensure the Powered Room Thermostat is communicating with the Genius Hub by pressing the middle button once.

  • The Hub will check that the Powered Room Thermostat received the ping

    If the ping failed to get through:

    If the Powered Room Thermostat is still not communicating then is not able to find a route back to the Genius Hub.

    There are a number of possible option to fix this:

    1. Ensure all of your other Smart Plugs are plugged in and powered on. These act as signal repeaters and if unplugged may stop any nearby devices from managing to contact the Genius Hub.

    2. Move an existing Smart Plug closer to the Powered Room Thermostat. Moving a device which repeats the signal closer is likely to provide a new route back to the Genius Hub. If you have thick walls (or other materials which may block the signal like a metal cabinet or large piece of furniture) the Smart Plug may only be able to communicate through 1 wall in that direction.
    Note: If you move a Smart Plug too far from its prior position, you may reduce the options for another device which needs to communicate with the Genius Hub.

    3. Purchase a new Smart Plug to place near to this device. If you have a signal 'dead-spot' and cannot move another Genius Smart Plug closer without adversely affecting he signal coverage elsewhere in the property a new Smart Plug will be needed to provide a suitable route back to the Genius Hub.

    Once you have carried out the above options (one at a time and in turn), try the previous step once more to see if the device can now communicate with the Genius Hub.