The following explains how to check that the boiler is working as heat is not getting to any rooms.

  • The boiler (or alternate heat source such as air-source heat pump) is controlled by the Genius Single or Dual Channel Receiver to provide hot water to the rooms which require heat.

    If the boiler stops working, no hot water can reach the rooms (and possibly the hot water tank) and so they will not heat up whether the Genius Hub is calling for heat or not.

  • First select a room which is heated by this boiler. In most properties there is only one boiler, however in larger properties there may be one boiler per section section of the building, and wet underfloor heating or extensions may be fed off this secondary boiler.From the 'My House' page, select a zone which is heated from the boiler.
  • Now the room needs to be called on, so that the boiler calls for heat.

    Override the zone by:
    Clicking on the black circular mode selector
    Choosing override (three arrows)
    Selecting the maximum temperature for the zone

    The room will now call for heat, which will send a message to the controlling devices in that zone (e.g. Genius Radiator Valves for radiator rooms) and send a call for heat to the boiler.

  • After 5 minutes, go to the boiler in question.

    The boiler should now be firing, and hot water being distributed around the system. For most boilers this can be seen by a heating light (often shown by a flame symbol) being lit, the window to the gas showing a much larger flame, a heating symbol on the boiler (often a flame or radiator symbol) or a rising temperature on the screen. You should also be able to hear the pump start up to distribute hot water around the pipework, which you should be able to tell be placing your hand near the pipework.

    Note: take care not to injure yourself on the hot pipework.

    1. If the boiler is firing and water is passing through the pipework: This means that the boiler working correctly.

    2. The boiler is not firing and an error is shown on the boiler (often shown by an error code on the screen or a flashing light which may have the word error or a spanner next to it): The boiler has an error and so is not working. See the next step for possible errors to check for.

    3. If the boiler is firing but water is only passing through the pipework, check that the zone valve (if any are present) are working using the Doctor. Alternatively, if you cannot hear the pump running, there may be a problem with the pump and a heating engineer should be consulted.

    4. If the boiler is not firing, but the Single / Dual Channel Receiver is calling for heat. When the Single Channel Receiver is calling for heat, a solid Green light is shown on the device. When the Dual Channel Receiver is calling for heat, this can be seen by pressing and holding the relevant White button (underneath the door on the right-hand side) and the light at the top left turns Green: There is a problem with either the wiring to the boiler or to the zone valve (if any are present) which should be investigated by a heating engineer.

  • Boiler errors

    If the boiler has an error it will not heat up water until this has been fixed, no matter if a call for heat is present or not. The most common boiler errors are:

    1. Low water pressure: There is often a dial on the front of the boiler which points to the water pressure with sections coloured red and green. If the needle is not pointing to a green section, the water pressing in the system will need to be adjusted, if low more water will need to be added. See you boiler manual for instructions on how to do this.

    2. No pilot light: Some boilers have a pilot light which is used to light the burners when water has been needed. See the boiler manual to find out how to re-light the pilot flame.

    3. No gas supply: Consult the boiler manual or a gas engineer to find out why there isn't a sufficient gas supply to the boiler. If the gas has recently been temporarily shut off (e.g. if work has been carried out in the property), the boiler may need to be reset before it will start to heat water once more.

    4. Over-heat warning: The boiler has detected an overheat and shut off for safety reasons. Consult a gas engineer to find out why the boiler is not controlling the temperature correctly.

  • To finish the test, cancel the override for that zone by pressing the 'Stop Override' button at the bottom of the screen.

    The override is no longer needed now that the test has been completed.