The following explains how to check that a zone valve is working as heat is not getting to the correct rooms.

  • A motorised zone valve is a mains-activated valve that opens on command from a thermostat, programmer or in this case a Genius Receiver Unit. When open it triggers the boiler to heat water and allows for that water to be pumped through the zone valve and around the circuit of pipework to heat one of more rooms.

    If the zone valve stops working, no hot water can reach the rooms and so they will not heat up whether the Genius Hub is calling for heat or not.

  • First select a room which is heated by that zone valve. In most properties there is only one zone valve for the heating. However in larger properties there may be one zone valve per floor or section of the building, and wet underfloor heating often has a separate zone valve to radiators as it needs water supplied to the manifold.From the 'My House' page, select a zone which is heated from the zone valve.
  • Now the zone needs to be called on, so that the zone valve should open and the boiler call for heat.

    Override the zone by:
    Clicking on the black circular mode selector
    Choosing override (three arrows)
    Selecting the maximum temperature for the zone

    The zone will now call for heat, which will send a message to the controlling devices in that zone (e.g. Genius Radiator Valves for radiator rooms) and send a call for heat for this zone (either to the My house device, or to the relevant group zone).

  • After 5 minutes, go to the motorised zone valves in your property and check the one for the heating zone in question.

    Note: take care not to injure yourself on the hot pipework.

    The pipework going to and from the zone valve in question should not be heating up, which you should be able to tell be placing your hand near the pipework. If there is a lever on the zone valve (which is common) this should be able to be moved easily as the zone valve should be open. The boiler should also be firing to provide hot water around the circuit.

    1. If the boiler is firing and water is passing through the correct zone valve: This means that the zone valve and wiring are working correctly.

    2. If the boiler is firing but water is only passing through the wrong zone valve: Ensure all of the other rooms are turned off and try again. If this is still the case then either the room has been assigned to the incorrect group, or there is a problem with the wiring. A qualified electrician should be used to make any investigations or changes to the wiring.

    3. If the boiler is firing but the water is not passing through the zone valve: There is a problem with the zone valve which should be investigated by a heating engineer. Either there is a faulty connection to the zone valve, meaning that the wiring is incorrect and so cannot control the zone valve, or that the zone valve is faulty and so cannot open. This may need to be replaced.

    4. The zone valve is open, but the boiler is not running and producing hot water: The wiring from the zone valve to the boiler should be investigated and if fine there is a problem with the boiler as it should be running when the zone valve opens. A qualified electrician should be used to make any investigations or changes to the wiring.

  • To finish the test, cancel the override for that zone by pressing the 'Stop Override' button at the bottom of the screen.

    The override is no longer needed now that the test has been completed.