The following explains how to add a new Electric Switch to a Genius Hub.

If you have an existing Electric Switch it will need to be excluded from any other network before it is connected to a Genius Hub.

  • Power on the Electric Switch within direct range of the Genius Hub (either in the same room as each other, or adjacent rooms). If the devices are not close enough together, then use either of the following steps:

    1. Move the Genius Hub closer to the Electric Switch. The Genius Hub must have power and an Internet connection. This can be done by:

    a) Using a long Ethernet cable

    b) Plugging the Hub into a different Ethernet switch

    c) Using a Power Line Ethernet adaptor or WiFi booster which has an Ethernet port (see this link for how to connect the hub with a power-line Ethernet adaptor)

    2. Temporarily wire the Electric Switch to a plug and short piece of flex so you can power on the Electric Switch next to the Genius Hub. It is recommended that this is done by an electrician/heating engineer.

    Next, remove the white front cover from the Electric Switch using a flat bladed screwdriver. Push the screwdriver into the slot on the underside of the cover and flex the slot out slightly to release the white cover.

  • Now the Genius Hub needs to get ready to add the device.


    On the app tap on Menu, then Settings and then Devices. Now tap on 'Include device' and follow the prompts on the app.

  • Hold down the clear plastic button located on the top left of the Electric Switch, the red LED next to the button will start to flash quickly.

    The flashing red light turns off when the device has included successfully.


    On success, the Electric Switch has been assigned a number, write this number on the side of the device.

    The success or failure of the inclusion will be displayed on the app.

  • Now pick a zone to assign the Electric Switch to.

    See Chapter 13 of the Manual for full guidance on assigning the channel to a zone. To create a new zone to assign the device to see step 5 otherwise skip to step 6.

  • See the 'Create new zone' section under Chapter 13 of the Manual for guidance on how to create a new zone.


  • To ensure check the device has been correctly assigned open the zone's page, tap "Zone Setup" under the menu and check the channel is listed under "Zone Devices".


  • Install the Electric Switch and wire it in place if it is not already.

    Link to Wiring diagram

    Replace the front cover back onto the Electric Switch.