Why would I need to adjust the brightness?

All Powered Room Thermostats are shipped with a default brightness. This has been chosen as a compromise between being able to clearly read it during the day, and it not being a significant light-source at night. If installed into bedrooms, you may wish to reduce the brightness to help the occupant of the room sleep.

How to adjust the screen brightness

Lower the brightness

To do this:

  • Turn the device on by holding the middle button for 10 seconds to access the menu on the device
  • Press the ‘v’ (down) button until ‘brI’ is displayed
  • Press the middle button to select this menu option
  • Now use the ‘^’ and ‘v’ buttons to change the brightness level
  • Press the middle button for 1 - 2 seconds to save the value. ‘Sto’ will be displayed.
  • Exit the menu by pressing the ‘v’ (down) button until ‘ESC’ is displayed, then press the middle button for 1 - 2 seconds

Turn the device screen off completely

This will turn the temperature display off, and the device will still control correctly. This will turn off the display completely so that it only lights up when you press the buttons on it.

To do this:

  • Hold the middle and ‘v’ (down) button for 8 seconds and the display shows 'doF' - display off
  • To revert this, repeat the steps above to turn the display back on; display shows 'don' - display on