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The Genius system can control a wide variety of electric heating systems, from electric Towel Rails and Infra-Red panels to wall-mounted Convection Heaters. 

The Electric Switch cannot be used to directly control Electric Underfloor heating. Attempting to use an Electric Switch to control electric underfloor heating may damage the Electric Switch, the underfloor heating or the floor itself.

If the electric heating is also being controlled with a Room Sensor or Room Thermostat, any controls on the heater should be set to constant and the highest temperature to ensure that there are no conflicts between the control provided by the Genius Hub system and the built in controls.

If the electric heating is only being controlled by an Electric Switch or Smart Plug (i.e. on/off control, not temperature control from the app), then disable any timer functions on the heater, but leave any temperature settings enabled.

Wired-in Electric Heating


Many Electric Heaters are wired into a Fused Switch Spur, for electrical safety. These can be controlled by the Genius Hub system by fitting the Electric Switch between the wiring of Switched Fused Spur and the Electric Heater. 

  1. Always ensure that the electric heater and wiring for the Electric Switch is electrically isolated before you commence work on any wiring.
  2. Break out the relevant section of a 1-gang pattress for the wiring and fix the pattress to the wall. It is recommended that a 40mm pattress is used.
  3. Pull through the relevant wiring, allowing plenty of spare.
  4. Wire in the Electric Switch as per the wiring diagrams provided, checking this is suitable as per the electric heating installation manual.
  5. Remove the front cover of the Electric Switch to expose the screw holes. The cover can be removed by levering a flat bladed screwdriver into the gap underneath the Electric Switch.
  6. Fit the Electric Switch into the pattress, ensuring there are no trapped wires. Screw in using standard pattress screws, and check the unit is securely and safely attached to the wall.

In normal operation there will be no lights when the unit is off and one or more red lights near the button when heating.

Using the appropriate wiring, as in accordance with BS7671 (or newer if such exists).

Plug-in Electric Heating

Smart Plugs can be used for 2 different purposes. They can be controlled via the app the switch devices plugged into them, via a schedule like a heating room; and they will boost the signal around the property improving reliability of the system and battery life.

Plug in heaters which are to be controlled with the Genius system should be plugged into Smart Plugs, which can can used to switch the Electric Heater on and off. Each Smart Plug can control up to 2.4kw of heating.

First plug the Smart Plug into a nearby socket, then plug the heater into the Smart Plug. 

General Information

The Electric Switch is rated to 13A maximum, and must not be wired to a more powerful heater, or a number of heaters which together go above this limit.

Standard wiring diagrams are provided with the system. If you require any other wiring diagrams, please see the website. 

Do not attempt to wire in the Electric Switch if you are not 100% sure that you know what you are doing. Danger of electric shock! All wiring should conform to IEE regulations. The Electric Heater and wiring for the Electric Switch must be electrically isolated before you commence work on wiring the Electric Switch!